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This box of individual tattoo sleeves helps eliminate cross contamination during medical, tattoo, and piercing procedures. Each box comes with 100 individual sleeves and the dispenser box is convenient and easy to use.  It does a great job at keeping blood and ink off your arms and clothes and is perfect for doing large, elaborate tattoos when you need to be careful where you lean.  Each plastic sleeve has two elastic ends, is 15" long, and one size fits most people.  If you use these a lot, order a case, one case contains 16 boxes.


  • Price Per Box (100 Sleeves Per Box)
  • Size of Each Sleeve: 20cm X 40cm (7.9" x 15.8" long)   
  • Material: LDPE
  • Color: Blue
  • Manufacturer: Precision Medical

Percision Tattoo Sleeves

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